Hello everyone!!

After my last slightly disappointing Tom Ford review, I’m back with a few new loves from them too ^^

I ventured into the blush and lipstick territories and am pleasantly surprised!


Tom Ford eye quad in 08 Sahara Haze

This palette is interesting in that it can lean to the cool side, but the gold undertones in the shimmer make it also suitable for warm toned skin.

Unlike Ice Queen, these e/s were velvety smooth and a breeze to blend ^_^


Swatch of 08 Sahara Haze

Top left highlighter shade – Frosty off creamy white

Bottom left glitter shade – Pigmented medium green with predominantly gold glitter

Top right lid shade – Satin finish light olive green

Bottom darkest shade – shimmery dark brownish green


  • Well pigmented
  • Texture of all e/s are velvety smooth
  • There was little fallout
  • E/s blends out very well
  • Pigmentation is buildable
  • Glittery shade is actually very pigmented and can be used as a lid shade itself
  • Glittery shade is not gritty
  • Has a well balanced amount of shimmer and satin finished e/s to deliver an elegant and eye brightening look
  • Applicators included are great for touch ups throughout the day
  • Suitable for both cool and warm toned skin


  • Glittery shade like all other TF e/s does not apply well over e/s and works better over Too Faced Glitter Glue 
  • Not a con but glittery shade is actually very pigmented and you have to be careful with application
  • Probably a bit too intense for everyday wear

I can’t find much to fault Sahara Haze because it pretty much delivered exactly what I want in terms of color, pigmentation and texture.


Cheek Color in 03 Flush

This blush reminds me of Nars Orgasm because of its warm peachy tones and fine shimmer.

However Flush is brighter and the shimmer is not so apparent as Nars Orgasm on the cheeks.

It looks a bit scary in the pan but blends out to a beautiful peachy color on the cheeks with a healthy glow.


Swatch of 03 Flush – Left is heavily applied and right is blended out

I’m not the greatest blush reviewer but I did try my best ^^”


  • Well pigmented
  • Blends out easily
  • Shimmer blends out to a healthy glow
  • No fly away powder when tapping brush into the blush
  • Suits many e/s colors
  • Packaging is sturdy and compact


  • Does look shimmery on the cheeks if not blended out fully 
  • Although it is very smooth, it is not the smoothest blush texture I have tried
  • Shimmer can be a bit finer considering its hefty price tag (I think it was around $400HKD)


Tom Ford Lip Color Shine Rouge in 04 Ravenous

I actually bought this because I felt bad for talking to the SA for a long time when she was working.

Funny story is I wanted to bump into her this year because she was really nice when she served me last year.

She just so happened to still be working at Tom Ford this year, didn’t remember me at all, but we had a great chat, exchanged numbers and then she recommended Ravenous to me and so I bought it haha

The Color Shine Rouge is the more hydrating range of lipsticks from Tom Ford but also has buildable pigmentation.


Ravenous is a beautiful bright pink that is not too OTT


On my yucky crackly lips it still make my lips look plump, moisturized and gave a healthy bright pink.


  • Buildable pigmentation
  • Has a yummy candy smell
  • Packaging looks very simple yet elegant
  • Moisturizing formula
  • Average price for a department store brand at around $250-300HKD
  • Wears very well and leaves a slight stain that can be wiped off with tissue to leave bare lips
  • Even after eating I still had a bit of color left and it was not patchy
  • Good for those that like a bright toned pink lip that is wearable
  • Great for people like me who have cracked and ugly lips


  • The lipstick does not have a strong closure and I have dropped the lipstick on the ground because the lid came off while I took it out of my bag O.o 
  • Formula is so buttery that it melted a bit in the packaging
  • Color range is not very wide


And my FOTD using all TF color

I also had lash extensions put in by my make up artist friend Sarah which made getting ready a lot easier too!!

Overall I really loved my TF beauties this round.  It goes to show that you definitely need to test out your products before you buy!

I’m sad that Cocoa Mirage was out of stock because I do really want to try the much raved about palette, but oh well.

Until next time that’s all for now folks.

Hello everyone! I am here today with one of two Tom Ford palettes that I bought in HK this trip!

If I remember correctly these cost $500HKD. My existing collection of Tom Ford e/s posts are here if you feel like a read.


Tom Ford e/s quad in Ice Queen

Ice Queen belongs to the Holiday 2013 range.

I have mentioned previously that I don’t like cool toned e/s but I never mentioned why did I?



 My worst nightmare

And that is what I feel I look like, or am in danger of looking like whenever I wear cool toned e/s.

Paranoid?  Maybe.


Especially when this is what I actually want to achieve..

I blame my make up skills mostly for my inability to recreate that look.


Top highlighter shade - Cool toned frosty white, if used in moderation gives a nice highlight to the brow bone and inner corners

Bottom lid shade - Pale silver with a pearly finish, pigmented and brightens the eye

Top glittery shade - Silver glitter which applies slightly grey when packed on

Bottom darkest shade - Dark bluish grey which to most people looks matte but has fine shimmer specks through it


Swatch of the e/s

So why did I buy such an obviously cool toned palette?

I simply chose it because I thought Tom Ford can do a good job and make it work for me, just like it did with Lavender Lust.

Unfortunately I must say I was disappointed.  Not because of the shades, but because of the the quality..

Even from the swatch you can see that the darkest shade looks patchy on the skin.


  • Each shade is well pigmented
  • Really like how the tone of these greys brightens the eyes and eye white, other greys can make you look dirty/bashed
  • The name really suits the theme of the palette
  • White and light grey show up differently colored on the lids so they aren’t double ups of each other
  • The lighter shades are all velvety smooth and easy to blend out
  • The lighter shades have little to no fall out
  • The glitter shade although is true glitter does not feel gritty and has a slightly cream texture
  • The darkest shade is pigmented and has an interesting slate color
  • Overall it can work on warm toned skin if used with much caution
  • Applicators included work well for touch ups


  • The darkest shade was the downfall of this palette – and it’s supposed to be the hero isn’t it? 
  • Is not an easy palette to work with, I needed a very delicate hand
  • You can easily turn yourself into the scary cross-dresser above if you aren’t careful
  • The dark grey is very powdery and has a tendency for a lot of fall out
  • I say smaller blending and high density shader brushes may work better with these e/s
  • Dark grey shade only applies smoothly with one application, which isn’t dark enough for my liking
  • Dark grey shade becomes easily patchy when you try to build pigmentation
  • Blending also makes dark grey shade patchy easily
  • Glitter shade (for all Tom Ford palettes) does not apply perfectly over e/s. Too Faced glitter glue helps a lot with this
  • Glitter shade may fly away onto your face when blending, so best not to blend much after you apply glitter
  • I feel it was almost missing a darkest liner shade to help tie everything together


So my EOTD didn’t look thaaaat bad but you can see the blending wasn’t great and there are patchy areas.

Nevertheless I still really liked the final look, and it brightened my eye while creating a smokey look.

Other Tom Ford palettes apply a lot better so I say this is the minority of the bunch which is a shame.

I’m sure my amateur skills didn’t help and I do hope whoever bought this had better luck than me.

Until next time that’s all for now folks!


La Roche-Posay Sensi White Essence 30mL

Hello!  I’m taking a step back in time to talk about this whitening serum that I finished up about 4 months ago.

I was excited to see La Roche-Posay reach Australian Priceline shelves last year.  The Sensi White serum is targeted for hyperpigmented sensitive Asian skin.

Price-wise it’s not cheap at ~$45AUD.  More expensive brands of whitening serums start at around $50/60 and go up from there.

Active ingredients: 

  • Ferulic + Gingko for regulation of melanin
  • LHA to get rid of the melanin-filled cells and smooth skin’s surface
  • Niacinamide to “hold down pro-irritating messengers, a major origin of melanin over-production”


Aqua/water, glycerin, dimethicone, niacinamide, alcohol denat., isopropyl lauroyl sarcosinate, sodium benzoate, sodium hydroxide, PEG-100 Stearate, polysorbate 80, dimethiconol, ginkgo biloba extract/ginkgo biloba leaf extract, xanthan gum, isohexadecane, isopropyl myristate, capryloyl salicylic acid, caprylyl glycol, acrylamide/sodium acryloyldimethyltaurate copolymer, acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, ferulic acid, disodium EDTA, cetearyl ethylhexanoate, glyceryl stearate, parfun/fragrance


The consistency is a sticky thick serum


  • Pleasant fragrance that feels refreshing when applied 
  • Absorbs into the skin quickly
  • Did not clog my pores
  • Started to help with hyperpigmentation and brightened skin slightly by 2/3 way through
  • Bottle feels luxurious XD
  • Comes with separate pipette
  • 30mL lasted me about 3 months with AM+PM usage
  • I would say that this worked better than some more expensive whitening serums such as Kiehl’s and SKII


  • Not drugstore price 
  • The pipette sucked.  The serum is too thick for the pipette, better off with a pump design
  • Bottle was not wide enough for a pipette and product scraped against the neck of the bottle, causing bits of it to get stuck and dry up
  • To maximize function of the pipette it is better to do one big squeeze, hold a few seconds and then let go – Don’t do mini squeezes
  • May not be suitable for those with scent sensitivities
  • I think it is best to use 2 bottles to get maximum effect

Overall I think this would be one of the better drugstore products out there for whitening.  I think it helped with my freckles and brightened up my skin tone slightly, though the difference was not dramatic (no whitening product will get rid of my freckles I’m sure).

However it is not cheap and for the price I can probably just spend a bit more on other brands.

Having said that the more expensive brands have not necessarily delivered the goods either.  I would repurchase this if I can’t find a better product.

Until then that’s it for now folks!


Lunasol Velvetful Eyes in 01 Deep Bordeaux Velvet

Hello!! Sorry about the lack of posts in the past month, I was on a trip back to HK having heaps of fun shopping, eating and…. doing more shopping!!

I have a lot of new found loves that I will share with you all in the coming posts.

Today will be a short one on a new e/s palette I had been holding out on for the past year.

I have found that Lunasol’s Spring/Summer collections are very sheer and boring, while the Autumn/Winter collections are more eye catching.

I really liked the burgundy/purple tones of this palette and the texture looked similar to that of my favorite Ocean Eyes palettes.


Look at those beautiful glistening shades!

It was very difficult to capture the multidimensional shimmers of the lighter top two shades but they are so beautiful!


  • Wearable shades that can be transitioned from light to smoky looks 
  • Buttery soft texture
  • E/s feels velvety soft!! Even though they are actually referring to giving the eyes dimension like velvet – not the texture ^^”
  • Beautiful finely milled shimmers that provide a subtle glow to your eyes
  • Very pigmented, even the lighter shades
  • E/s blends with ease
  • Sponge applicators are of high quality and are great to use for touch ups through the day
  • I think it would easily suit both cool and warm toned skin


  • Still get a bit of fall out if you don’t tap off the excess
  • I always use a tapered shadow brush to pat on e/s, then blend it out with a fluffy brush which reduces fallout 
  • E/s look like they have brown and burgundy tones in the pan but on the eyes they end up looking mostly purple
  • For above reason I don’t feel like the e/s run true to the pan


Swatch of 01 Bordeaux Velvet

Highlight shade: A light pink with beautiful fine pink shimmers

Lid shade: A light pinkish purple with multidimensional shimmers

Contour shade: A medium brownish purple with champagne shimmers

Liner shade: A dark plummy purple with a more satin finish


My FOTD with Lunasol

There are a lot of new products in that picture ^^ So exciting!!

So overall I really love this palette.

The palette is interesting in that there is no obvious brown when applied on the lids,  but there is some warmth to the otherwise cool toned purple.

Regardless, it is a beautiful palette and you can create a lot of looks.

Each shade is well pigmented on their own, but also blend together to create a sophisticated and elegant look.  Recommend ^^

And that’s it for this post folks!


It’s gift review time ^^ Ella gave me a lovely package that she had hand picked while in HK.

I will only be reviewing a few Paul & Joe cosmetics in this post because I have not used the masks yet and I’m terrible at mask reviews!

The cosmetic case is really cute and stores a compact mirror, e/s, mascara, lipstick and lash curler comfortably.
It is also really light and slightly padded ^^

I have the reviewed the Eye Gloss Duo previously here.  The new one comes in handy since my old one is finished ^^


Paul & Joe Cheek Color Duo in 04 Cinema

I really liked the Paul & Joe blush in 08 Candy (review here) and love the shade 04 as well ^^

04 Cinema is a beautiful muted coral pink shade.   Unlike 08 it does not have shimmers, rather just a glowy satin sheen.


Was really difficult to capture the right color with the wooden desk as a backdrop :(


  • Silky soft texture
  • Does not get a lot of fly away powder
  • Well pigmented
  • Shade provides a very healthy flush of color to the cheeks
  • Not shimmery but still adds a bit of glow/brightening effect to the cheeks
  • Love the packaging
  • Faint scent that is not overpowering


  • Does not come with applicator 
  • Some people may be sensitive to scents


From left: lighter pink shade, deeper coral pink shade, and the two blended together in the faint flush

The Paul & Joe are great quality blushes that are very travel friendly ^^ Been using them more lately too!


Paul & Joe Lipstick in Rouge A Levres 202

Ella chose the limited edition Elephant lipstick case to house this “Your lips but better” lipstick refill.

The refill and case come separately.


The pretty lipstick has the P&J logo engraved into the side of the lipstick


  • Creamy texture
  • Medium pigmentation
  • Gives a “your lips but better” color that does not wash my skin out
  • Has very finely milled shimmers to provide a healthy sheen to the lips
  • Does not smell strange
  • Case is cute and travel friendly
  • Although case is made of cardboard, it feels sturdy


  • Still enhances cracks in the lips
  • The case is made mainly of cardboard except for the base where the refill clicks into

I think I would be interested in exploring more Paul & Joe lipsticks.  They feel very creamy and comfortable but the only downside is that they are not foolproof and you do need to make sure your lips are well moisturized before application.


Swatch of Rouge A Levres 202 on my cracky lips


Paul & Joe Protecting Foundation Primer in 02

I wasn’t crazy on primers, but once I tried this I realised I need to incorporate primer into my life XD


The deep yellow color fades once it is absorbed into the skin


  • Light, not overpowering floral scent 
  • Blends into the skin effortlessly
  • Helps foundation/concealer apply smoother and last longer
  • Reduced creasing of concealer


  • Does not prevent all creasing, you still see it happening by midday 
  • Does not keep make up fresh all day, still get  a bit of dryness

Overall a worthwhile primer to use, although not the best out there.  It is definitely superior to drugstore brands.

Until next time that’s all for now folks ^^

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