I’m here with a continuum of my Armani posts ^^

After many stores of swatches and umming and ahhing I only bought 2 lipsticks.


Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy in 501 Peony

I was actually after the limited edition shade (I can’t remember the number), but naturally it was sold out in HK.

501 was the closest shade to the one that was out of stock.


Rouge Ecstasy in a pigmented and moisturising lipstick that still lets your natural lip color show through.

To me, 501 is a bright coral pink shade that helps brighten my complexion.  You can definitely tell that you have color on your lips but it still somehow looks natural.

I was on a mission to find corals, peaches and pinks this trip haha

Creamy in consistency, this lipstick is very comfortable to wear :)


  • Pigmented but not full coverage formula
  • Not purposely scented
  • Still looks natural and not flaky on the lips
  • Wears well and fades evenly
  • Creamy formula
  • True to color
  • Love the piano finish and sleek packaging with magnetic closure


  • Lips feel a little dry once the lipstick wears down through the day
  • Disappointingly had the strange cheap lipstick smell
  • Still need to exfoliate and moisturise lips well before application


Same EOTD as my previous post

An older EOTD post.  The lipstick gives the lips a very healthy shine :)


Giorgio Armani Rouge d’Armani Sheer Lipstick in 500

The sheer lipsticks are meant to function more like a moisturising balm but with very good pigmentation.

They say that it’s supposed to lock in moisture for up to 8hrs but I don’t think it lasts that long XD


This gorgeous lippy was my favorite lip purchase in HK!

I actually had no intention of choosing this shade but my bf Ricky made me buy it haha

He was standing with me looking at the wide range of lipsticks and he shoved this one in my face saying “get this one”!

I was sort of like… “Really? It’s so bright O.0″ but I got it anyway and I’m so glad!!

This is a very rich pink with a tinge of blue which you can see on the first photo.


  • Very pigmented
  • The color makes your lips look almost translucent
  • Shade is true to color
  • Unscented
  • Creamy, moisturizing formula
  • Stains the lips nicely
  • Removes easily without a stain left behind
  • I can build up the color by blotting and reapplying to make the color last longer
  • Lips don’t feel dried out after the lipstick fades away
  • I can reapply through the day without a problem
  • Love the piano finish sleek packaging as usual


  • Is definitely not sheer but that’s a good thing hehe
  • Does not stain lips although it lasts a long time
  • Is not easy enough to apply without using a mirror
  • Shade variety was not that impressive


EOTD – e/s was a combination of MAC and Armani Eyes to Kill singles

Highly recommend Armani lipsticks, but I think the only bad thing is that I didn’t find the color selection that great even though they had a lot there.

Until next time that’s all for now folks!


I’m here with a beautiful, black glossy goody post today ^^


The boxes that marked the beginning of my love towards Giorgio Armani cosmetics ^^

It took me a long time to start venturing into the Armani cosmetic range.  I just couldn’t find anything that tickled my fancy!

I suppose my desire to continue the search for neutral e/s helped me find this beauty and I’m so glad I did!


Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill 4 color eyeshadow quad in 02 Terra Sienna

I actually bought this quad via Beckie who was still in HK then after I came back.

Terra Sienna is a very dark brown that is neutral enough to be safely used on warm and cool toned skin.

This palette requires you to be careful with application though both of the darker shades are very dark and pigmented.


The box itself houses the applicators snuggly in the compartment underneath the e/s

The packaging is soooo luxurious with the magnetic closure, the easy flip up of the e/s and decently sized mirror.

It is bulky but it is also very light, but it doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy.

The glossy piano-like finish attracts fingerprints but for some reason it’s still just as sexy with fingerprints XD


02 Terra Sienna

Pros and cons for the e/s in general


  • Super pigmented whether it be the frosty or matte shades 
  • Very little fallout, none if excess tapped off
  • Velvety smooth texture with all e/s
  • Matte shades are so blendable although they lean towards the drier texture
  • Packaging is luxurious but functional as well
  • Very decent size in e/s provided
  • Each shade has its own use and they can be used on their own
  • Not scented
  • Sponge applicators included become useful if you need touch ups
  • E/s stays put all day so you don’t need to touch up (I always use primer)


  • No brow highlighter shade – the shimmer/frost shades are a bit too sparkly for the brow bone 
  • Expensive, but then it’s about right for department store cosmetics (I think it’s around $70AUD)
  • The darker shades are a little drier in texture than the more shimmery shades but it still blends very easily
  • Limited color variations


Swatch of 02 Terra Sienna

First shade: Frosty white – Very smooth, just enough frostiness to highlight the inner corners without looking OTT

Second shade: Shimmery taupey champagne color, brightens up the lid very well and gives a shimmery wash over the very dark matte shades

Medium shade: Muddy rather dark brown which is mostly matte with very very fine shimmer flecks
- I blend blend blend to lighten it up. Super pigmented, buttery smooth, super blendable

Darkest shade: Very dark black brown which is also mostly matte with very very fine shimmer flecks


My EOTD with 02 Terra Sienna


Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill 4 color eyeshadow palette in 02 Bourdoir


My failed photo of 06 Bourdoir

Bourdoir is my first purchase and I was thinking it would be more of a medium chocolate brown.

It is actually a brown that leans reddish but is still flattering to the eyes. For some reason it ends up looking slightly purple as well.

When looking at 02 and 06 individually it is difficult to tell which is which, but the top shade of Bourdoir is slightly darker than the second.


Swatch of 06 Bourdoir

First shade: Shimmery pinkish champagne shade

Second shade: Shimmery silvery white shade

Medium brown shade: Mostly matte slightly satin finish medium reddish toned brown

Dark brown shade: Dark warm brown mostly matte with very fine shimmer flecks

Those with eyelids that tend to be more swollen might not like this palette as much as it can make your eyes look a bit swollen due to the reddish hues.

I really like it but I think I end up blending the dark a lot into the medium shade.

Having said that I still love both of Terra Sienna and Bourdoir equally as much ^^


EOTD with Armani Eyes to Kill and Rouge Ecstacy

I think the purple eyeliner brought at the red tones in the e/s more than if I used a regular black liner.

I highly recommend Armani e/s quads for those that want to spend a bit more coin for a versatile palette that can be used for a neutral or smokey eye.

I was going to include the lipsticks in this post, but by the end of it I decided it’s too long so I shall leave that for another day ^^

Until next time that’s all for now folks :)


I was doing an eyeliner clean up a few weeks ago and thought I would do a comparison of some of them!

I don’t own every brand out there but I think I eventually will hahaha

Namely I would like to try more Japanese liners and the waterproof Tom Ford, YSL, Giorgio Armani and Shu Uemura pencils etc, in future.

If you don’t feel like reading through this whole post I have a summary at the very end.


My pencil and liquid liner collection but I’ll be leaving out gel and liquid liners from this post ^^

Despite a lot of people not liking pencil liners because of their tendencies to transfer, I really love to use them!

I don’t usually use pencil liners on their own, but I use it as a base for smudging out.

My usual liner steps are:

  1. Draw general shape of line with pencil liner 
  2. Smudge and smooth line out with a dark eyeshadow
  3. Tight line and darken the lash line with liquid or gel liner (they generally last longest on my lash line)


Freshly swatched liners

I tried to just use 1 representative from each brand, but I included 3 Models Prefer liners since they are all from a different range and wasn’t sure if the quality was the same.

From left to right:

  1. Rimmel Scandaleyes in 005 Nude (sharpen)
  2. Milani Liquif’eye metallic eye liner pencil in 03 Gold (sharpen)
  3. Palladio herbal eye liner in Black Brown (retract)
  4. Models Prefer Infinite color eye pencil in Brown Suede (retract)
  5. Chanel Stylo Yeux WP liner in 100 Santal (retract)
  6. Models Prefer Mystique smooth gel liner in cosmic purple (limited edition) (retract)
  7. Models Prefer eyeliner in Vinyl Black (retract)
  8. Cyber Colors Super Stay gel liner in 01 Black/Black (sharpen)
  9. Makemania dense black liner (sharpen)
  10. Spring Heart Long Lasting eyeliner in 01 (black) (retract)
  11. Koji Dolly Wink liner pencil in Black (sharpen)
  12. Maybelline Master Liner in BK-1 (retract)
  13. Revlon Colorstay liner in Black (retract)
  14. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On pencil in Perversion (sharpen)
  15. Too Faced Perfect Eyes WP liner in Perfect Black (sharpen)
  16. Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes in 0L (sharpen)

I wish all pencil liners were retractable!!!

The most creamy  and pigmented liners are: 

  • 14. Urban Decay
  • 15. Too Faced
  • 4,6,7. Models Prefer liners
  • 5. Chanel
  • 13. Revlon
  •  8. Cyber Colors
  •  1. Rimmel

The only problem with creamy liners are that you need to use a light hand and build it up.

If you apply too much pressure the liner can crumble.

The hardest in texture are: 

  • 10. Spring Heart – Good for price, but need to warm it up before using
  •  3. Palladio – crumbly when applied, also flakes off through the day
  • 11. Dolly Wink – Although hard in texture it is smooth to apply and lasts all day
  • 12. Maybelline – Has good staying power but is harder in texture

The problem with harder textured liners is that it skips when you draw a line, and it does not smudge well.

Good thing about them is that they generally have better lasting power.

The least pigmented are:

  • 10. Spring Heart
  • 12. Maybelline
  • 16. Make Up Forever


Liners smudged across twice with finger

Top 5 most smudging: 

  •  9. Make Mania (not waterproof anyway)
  • 15. Too Faced 
  • 16. Models Prefer (vinyl black) 
  •  3. Palladio
  • 11. Dolly Wink

Top 5 least smudging: 

  •  5. Chanel
  •  8. Cyber Colors
  •  1. Rimmel
  • 14. Urban Decay
  •  6. Revlon

Just because liners may or may not pass the smudge test, testing cannot end there!


After rubbing with water as well

Top 5 most smudged and faded: 

  •  9. Make Mania
  •  2. Milani
  • 11. Dolly Wink
  • 16. Make Up Forever
  • 15. Too Faced

Top 5 least smudged and faded: 

  •   5. Chanel  
  • 14. Urban Decay
  •   1. Rimmel (changed color because other liners transferred onto it)
  •  8. Cyber Colors
  • 13. Revlon


Lastly after a very vigorous rubbing after all that testing

Top 5 least hard wearing: 

  •  9. Make Mania
  •  2. Milani
  • 11. Dolly Wink
  • 10. Spring Heart
  • 6,7. Models Prefer

Top 5 most hard wearing:

  •  1. Rimmel 
  •  4. Models Prefer infinite color pencil suede brown
  •  5. Chanel
  •  8. Cyber Colors
  • 14. Urban Decay

So if you didn’t feel like looking through all of that:

My favourite brands in general: 

  1. Models Prefer WP liner ranges – cheap ($8AUD), super creamy, pigmented, smudges well if you work quickly
    - Although it doesn’t pass all the tests it does well anyway with a primer for me
  2. Chanel – Worth your money, Creamy, pigmented, many shades, long lasting, retractable
  3. Urban Decay – So creamy, so pigmented, enough drying time to allow for some smudging,
    - Lasts all day especially if set with e/s
  4. Revlon – Very good mid range liner, creamy, pigmented
  5. Cyber Colors – I was very surprised how good this liner is, creamy, not crumbly, lasts all day

My “OK” liner brands: 

  1. Rimmel – I love this for tight lining because it is creamy, lasts a long time and fades naturally
    - Annoying that it crumbles a little if you apply too much pressure
    - Dries really quickly so difficult to smudge out
  2. Too Faced – Very pigmented, smudges well, lasts all day if set with e/s
    - Annoying that it crumbles easily with pressure
  3. Dolly Wink – Although it has a harder texture it still applies smoothly, very pigmented, lasts a long time if set with e/s
  4. Maybelline – Although it is dry in texture it is still usable and lasts through the day after setting with e/s
  5. Milani – It is creamy, maybe the gold specks make it a bit clumpy, dries very quickly so not much time to smudge out

Dislike these liners:

  1. Make Mania – Although it is not WP it is not that creamy either, bit of a meh 
  2. Palladio – It is hard and crumbly although the color is pretty
  3. Make Up Forever – Overpriced for a drugstore quality product, lacks in pigmentation, fades through the day
  4. Spring Heart – I used to love it but the hardness of it is too unbearable for me now

Sorry if the post was confusing but hopefully you all found it helpful in some ways!!

Until next time that’s all for now folks!


I’m very excited to talk about the Younique 3D Fiber Lash mascara today ^^

My friend Beckie told me about it and then she bought it for me for my birthday!

She told me that there was a reseller on Facebook for Australian customers but they were sold out at the time, so she bought it directly from the Younique online store instead.  It retails for about $38AUD but not sure about shipping fees.

I must admit I was skeptical at first because this mascara is not waterproof but is water resistant.  My previous experiences with water resistant mascaras is that they don’t hold a curl well.


 The mascara set comes housed in this hard case that is reminiscent of a glasses case

The quality of the case is very good and you can turn it into a make up/brush travel case too.

The only downfall is that it isn’t practical to bring your mascara out in such a bulky case.


The two mascaras – the tubes have a nice weight to them and feel almost porcelain but they aren’t

The tubes however are very prone to fingerprints and you can’t really remove the grease marks once they’re there.

Another thing is that it just twists shut without any click mechanism so you can undo the lid very easily unlike other mascaras.


The Transplanting gel 7mL

This mascara system boasts to provide 300% increase in thickness and volume while looking real and natural.

The transplanting gel is the base for which fibres stick to.  It is water resistant but is easily removed with warm water and facial cleanser.

Ingredients: Water, beeswax, carnauba (Brazilian palm glue), iron oxide CI 77499 (black), collagen, acrylates copolymer, nylon, stearic acid, propylene glycol

How to use: 

  • You have to use one coat of your regular mascara first – this will provide a good base for the mascara to work off
  • Apply an even coat of the transplanting gel to the lashes
  • Apply fibres evenly before the gel dries
  • Seal the fibres with another coat of transplanting gel
  • Repeat if you want to build it up


  • Do one eye at a time
  • Your base coat of mascara makes a big difference, do a really good first coat (preferably waterproof mascara)
  • Don’t be lazy and only use the transplanting gel, it will flop your lashes badly
  • Best to use a lash comb to make the lashes look neater and separated (not spidery)
  • Avoid applying fibres too close to the lashline otherwise the fibres may stick into your eyes
  • You have to apply a generous layer of the transplanting gel to seal the fibres in otherwise you will get fallout
  • Use a mascara shield (or piece of paper) when using this mascara as it is easy to get transfer of mascara onto the eyelids


  • Comes out very black 
  • The gel builds volume even before adding fibres
  • Does not flop your lashes IF you have applied a good coat of regular mascara first
  • Lashes feel soft and flexible
  • Seals in the fibres very well if you apply a good coat
  • Buildable and does not weigh the lashes down
  • Does not smudge or transfer all day
  • Washes off easily with cleanser and warm water


  • You still get fallout if you haven’t coated the fibres very well
  • I don’t like the brush – you get a very high concentration of product on the ends and not enough in the middle where it curves in
  • I would prefer a brush like the Givenchy Phenomen’eyes mascara (even though I hate that mascara) or even a basic mascara comb
  • Some fibres will stick to the brush and I think this will dry the transplanting gel faster
  • Very easy for product to transfer onto the lids because of the size and awkwardness of the brush
  • Will flop your lashes if you don’t apply a coat of regular mascara first
  • Not a lot of product – only 7mL

Overall I love the transplanting gel.  It comes out very dark and provides volume on its own.

It keeps a curl if you have a base coat already and stays put all day.  The mascara is buildable but I usually keep it to 3 layers otherwise my lashes start to look clumpy and messy.

The only thing I don’t like is the brush, which looks like a good brush but I find it does not work ideally with the formula.


Natural Fibres 0.5g

This hairy monster is what will give you all the volume and length.

Ingredients: 100% natural green tea fibres


  • Natural ingredients
  • Fibres are extremely lightweight and don’t weight the lashes down
  • They stick onto the transplanting gel well if you have applied a thick enough coat of it
  • Builds a lot of volume and length
  • If you don’t like the look of it on a certain eyelash you can really easily pull it off, and redo that particular eyelash
  • Once sealed the lashes feel very strong and extensions won’t come off easily
  • You don’t get any fallout if you manage to seal it with an even coat of transplanting gel
  • Lashes are noticeably thicker and longer but still look natural
  • I can see my lashes in photos now!


  • Again the applicator is a real let down.  It doesn’t allow for even coating and rather just clumps onto the lashes 
  • They should have some sort of comb applicator which would help direct the fibres along the length of the lashes
  • You can get fly away fibre clusters that just fly off from the applicator
  • If your hair touches your eyelashes, it can bend the extensions and you have to readjust them
  • It does not completely stick onto the lashes, some of it comes off onto the transplanting gel applicator
  • Gets into your eyes if you apply the fibres too close to the lash line
  • I got some fallout through the day but that is because it was difficult to seal it well with the transplanting gel

I haven’t tried any mascara with fibres as soft as these and they really do build a lot of length and volume.

I would love it even more if the applicator was better.

The general downfall is that this mascara system isn’t for lazy people.

By the time you complete the process you would have applied 4 layers of product on your lashes and you have to be careful not to stuff it up.


My top lashes with and without Younique – I think about 2 layers

It’s such a big difference!!

I would highly recommend this mascara for those that want bigger lashes without using extensions or fake lashes.

You can really control how much length and volume you want.

It becomes more complicated if you have hair that can get into your eyes because this can bend the extensions.

Having said that the extensions don’t break off easily and you can just use your fingers to pinch them back to place.

Once you practice more, the layers become very quick to apply but you still need to take care with application.

I really hope they will continue to revise their applicators too!

Until next time that’s all for now folks!


Sorry for my absence, I had completely lost motivation to blog the past month and I’m not entirely sure why.

So now I am just slowly finding my motivation back again, and I shall start with this very popular product.


Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

My friend Janice very kindly helped me buy this from Sephora while she was in Singapore on her sweet sweet honeymoon ^^

I really love the tin packaging of this palette.  The rose gold color, rippled surface and slightly Aladdin-style font is very attractive.

However the tin packaging can also be its packaging downfall because it is the heaviest of the 3 naked palettes.

You can find my Naked 1 palette review here.

You can find my Naked 2 palette review here.


With no surprise this palette is very heavily pink/rose themed.

For those that aren’t into shimmer and pink, you can skip this without a second thought.

I know a lot of people don’t like Naked 3 because of a few reasons: too shimmery, too pink, not much color contrast

For me I thought all the shades were very wearable for both warm and cool toned skin.

It is true that there is a lack of matte shades, but there is still a wide selection of light and darker contour shades.

As for the question of whether the pink will make your eyes look swollen?

It can make your eyes look swollen if you don’t use the right balance of light and dark shades, but it can also brighten your eyes too!

A general pros and cons list -


  • Hygienic and elegant looking tin packaging
  • Decent size shadows – will last a long time
  • Has a good variety of light and dark shades
  • All the shades are wearable for daily use
  • Great pigmentation
  • Little fallout, probably the least of the 3 Naked palettes
  • Very blendable
  • All the shades work well with each other
  • I like the dual ended brush that it comes with
  • I like how they included all of their eye primers since I wanted to try them all haha


  • Online stores overprice this product way too much.  They charge over $80AUD and I think I paid $63
  • Lack of matte shades
  • The palette is overall very shimmery and not everyone likes that
  • Nearly all e/s have a pink tone to them
  • Some would find the pink will make their eyes look swollen (but I think using the right amount of pink can brighten the eyes)
  • Lack in variety of looks you can create.  I find I can only create one type of smokey eye but many neutral day looks


The palette comes with a dual ended brush with one larger fluffier end and a tapered stiffer end.

You can use this in any way you like.  I’m not one to be limited in the way I use my brushes.


Instead of a travel size primer, they decided to put all of their popular primers into a fold out card

I don’t find it very hygienic as you can’t reseal these but they do have a decent amount of product in each pod (though “about a week’s worth” is not a very accurate description).


The lightest highlight shades


Stranger – Pinky satin finish off white

Dust  - Glittery light pink, gives a water glistening effect in the tear ducts and can brighten the inner part of the eyeslight

Burnout – Light peachy pink with a shimmery sheen

Limit – Matte light pinky beige, a my skin but better shade


Medium shades, these are great as main lid colors.  I use Nooner so much as a base shade!


Buzz – Dusty rose with sparkle

Trick – Coppery pink with sparkle – the only less pink shade in the palette

Nooner – Matte medium dusty pinkish beige, great for subtle contouring of the crease :)

Liar – Medium mauve shade with a metallic sheen


The darkest contour/liner shades, I like using these too :)


Factory – Darker chocolate brown with pink sheen

Mugshot – Taupe with metallic sheen that is wearable for both warm and cool toned skin

Darkside – Darker brownish grey with a satin finish, again this is wearable for both warm and cool toned skin

Blackheart – Buildable black with pink glitter that is not gritty.  I tend to use this a lot because it is slightly less harsh than plain black


Naked palettes – 1 at the bottom, 3 at the top

In order of preference for me: Naked 3 > Naked 1 > Naked 2

This is entirely dependant on your preference.

I’m happy with Naked 3 but I can see that it won’t float everyone’s boat.

I am a shimmer girl and I love Japanese e/s and Naked 3 reminds me of that type of e/s.

In other Naked palettes there have been shades that I can’t use – namely the silver and cool shades because they look really muddy on my eyes.

Naked 3 e/s were very neutral and none of them looked too harsh.

Cool toned people still love Naked 2 and a majority of the population still loves Naked 1 for its ability to create both neutral and deep smokey eyes.

Until next time that’s all for now folks!

Thanks for being patient and I promise I will try to blog more often!

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